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Today post is one of the essential auxiliary tools in everybody’s life. That’s why selection of the carrier should be treated responsibly. We are glad to represent you Fastway. This courier will be a real support and reliance. When you are transmitting all your sendings to their hands, you can relax and forget about any difficulties. A wide range of options is at your service. An additional bonus is that the whole process is automatized. There is no need to queue anymore - you can get any assistance or service, without leaving your home.
Fastway website embodies all the necessary tools, starting from tracking to the online-redelivery. If you need a company, which cares about its consumers - you can always rely on Fastway. Any service, related to the parcels, will be accomplished carefully, legibly and right on time.

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Fastway status definition

Your parcel is ready for shipping

- the courier accepted the box at the point of dispatch and started preparing it for delivery. To this moment, your package was packed and framed, and now begins its further movement.

Your parcel was picked up.

- means that parcel was accepted by the company’s representative and entered into the internal database.

Your parcel is currently in transit between our ' . . . ' and ' . . . ' depots.

- according to the status, your box is now moving from one sorting facility to another.

Your parcel is at the delivery depot ready for delivery in the next available cycle (or Your parcel is at the ' . . . ' depot ready for delivery in the next available cycle.)

- the package arrived at the local facility in the final delivery city. It will be transferred to you with the nearest courier’s auto.

Onboard - your parcel is ready for delivery.

- the box was loaded into the delivery vehicle - you can expect it at the nearest time.

Your parcel has been delivered and signed for.

- the box was given to the receiver’s hands. During online tracking, you can see a signature of the person, who has got this item.

Authority to Leave - your parcel has been delivered. According to your instructions, a signature may not have been required.

- the package has arrived. As the addresser did not order the proof of delivery option, you won’t be able to see a receiver’s signature.

Left as Instructed - Your parcel has been delivered as per your instructions.

- this status can be displayed only in the case when you have ordered some extra options for this delivery. For example, the courier’s arrival at the specified time or place. All the received specifications were precisely observed.

We’ve delivered your parcel to your local Parcel Connect agent (see address below the map), so you can collect it at a time that suits you. Please collect within 5 business days.

- in this case, while tracking, you can see a location, where your parcel is being holded right now. To see it, you should follow the link You can choose any suitable time there and take your box. Don’t forget, that holding time is limited!

We tried to deliver your parcel, however, no one was available. We'll drop your parcel at the nearest Parcel Connect agent. There will be another message below this once the courier has dropped it off

- if you see this message, it means that at this moment the package is moving to the local Fastway courier depot. As soon as the box arrives at it, you will see a status update while tracking.

We attempted to deliver your parcel however no one was available. Please visit or contact your local courier to arrange redelivery

- to get this item, you should get in touch with your local depot (it is pointed during the tracking), and organize a new delivery date.

Fastway FAQ’s

Fastway authority to leave form, where can I get it?

In case you want to make the delivery conditions more comfortable, you can change it quickly. Doing this is effortless. You should download and print a particular form here After this - just fill it in and transfer to the carrier. Voila - after this the parcel could be delivered not only to the updated address but also without any signature. The box can be left in any desired place.

Fastway contact - how to do?

If you need to get a qualified consultation on any question according to the delivery, the best solution is to get in touch with the courier. To get professional support about your box - choose your location here and reach the exact facility.

Where is Fastway depot?

Regardless of whether you are using the service regularly or applied for the first time, it’s important to know the exact location of your local depot. To get the most actual data according the office's positions, you should use the next link - all the addresses are collected there.