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Useful data about Toll courier

Today we wanna represent you a speed-delivery giant - Toll and its nqx tracking. This carrier is not just ‘another company’ from a long list of the similar ones - it’s a unique sample of a finely organized structure. Despite its young age, Toll Group managed to take a leading position in Australia. Now it is a trustable and respectable assistant for thousands of pleased customers.
Millions of parcels, letters and postcards are delivered in a record short time. You can please your relatives with a nice trifle just in a couple of days. Also, the courier does not ignore the entrepreneurial niche. Toll priority offers help in every business sphere - all the critical documents will be delivered intact as soon as possible.

Carrier’s site
Toll IPEC contact no 1300 366 684
Toll Priority phone 13 15 31
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Toll status meaning

Here are the most common statuses for Toll priority tracking.


- a company accepted delivery booking from the addresser. A system label was created for this item. However, the box hasn’t been transferred to the office yet.

Picked up

- an agent took a dispatch for further operations. At this moment it can be considered that the forwarding process officially started. The delivery company took all obligations and responsibilities for the content’s safety & integrity.

Loaded Linehaul

- Toll identified the most suitable route for the box after the rigorous sorting and distribution. It was created, based on the region logistics data. The parcel will start moving right now, in conformity with given conditions.

Dispatched to (or Transfer Out to)

- the previous postal point was cleared. Now the item left it and moved to the next place. This is an active phase of the full delivery.

Into Facility (or Transfer In from)

- the parcel came to the department, which is checking its condition - integrality and a presence of all necessary data. Also, the primary route can be corrected, if needed. In case it can be improved - it will be optimized and will be made shorter.

Mechanized Scan

- the employees sorted the box, using automatic equipment. It gives an opportunity to exclude all the possible mistakes. Also, it helps to increase quality of the whole process.

Vehicle Loaded

- the local Toll depot collected enough of boxes to be delivered in this county. Now the delivery boy started bringing orders to its owners. You can expect it in the nearest future.

Successful Delivery

- the courier handed the package to receiver’s hands directly.

Undeliverable (SEC):

- it means that the carrier did not succeed at the first attempt. The exact reason for this failure will be marked at the Toll track and trace line above.

Electronic Billing Transfer

- this status can be shown for those items, with which the transaction was ordered. It means that money was accepted by the courier and now is moving to its receiver directly.

Popular statuses for a Toll IPEC


- the sender ordered a pre-delivery service for this item. The delivery was initiated at this moment.


- the courier's company accepted parcel at the depot. Also, all the necessary data was provided by the addresser - a name of a person, who will receive it, their living place address, box size and other.


- your box arrived at the sorting facility. The correct determination of its route caused the necessity of this step. At this moment, parcel started going to the next point.


- a package arrived at the administrative district center, closest to the delivery place. The box was distributed and sent to the final place after the sorting. Final delivery will be organized there.


- all the sorting is finally finished. The parcel started the final step - delivery. If you see this status, you should know that the package will arrive to you soon.


- your box was transmitted to the delivery vehicle. Now it is moving right to the receiver’s home.


- the delivery was successfully finished - everything is good.


- POD, stands for a proof of delivery. This status can be displayed only for delivered items. The addressee signed the docs, proving that the delivery was made to the right hands. Now you can see all that data online by following the link, written on the courier’s website.


- your package is staying at the Toll department. The exact reason will be written while tracking. You can receive your box at the local office or arrange a suitable delivery time.


- delivery failed on the first try. The parcel was returned to the facility. The courier will repeat this delivery on the next day.

Toll FAQ

Where can I get a Toll contact number?

There are a lot of situation, which demand not only your attention but also a professional consultation or help. Only the courier can provide you with the expert pieces of advice according to the whole delivery process, or any separate step. To get in touch with the customer's residence, you should follow the link and choose your request.

How to get a Toll Priority delivery times?

Every time we order something, we want to know the correct time, when the box will come to our place. This info helps us to stay calm and control the whole process. If something goes wrong - you can indicate it, being guided by these terms. To count the transit time, use the link To get the result, you should enter all the required information.

Toll missed delivery, what can I do?

Sometimes carrier can fail the delivery. The most common reason for that - no one was available to sign for the item. In this case, you’ll get a notice. There will be some helpful info, using which you can get a parcel. All the deployed data you can get here