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Quality is the most important indicator in the service industry. Fortunately, today it’s not difficult to make a choice. Numerous customers’ reviews and the friend's advices can help you determine the right carrier. We are glad to present you an Australian Couriers Please. This company has a lot of satisfied consumers. Always on-time delivery is the calling card of the company. Cause this is the first criterion in the carrier selection process. The tracking option is an additional feature, which makes forwarding more comfortable. It gives an opportunity to get constant control on the state of your package. As soon as you think about the parcel’s whereabouts - you can just use this option, and this question will be solved in a moment.
An additional bonus is that you can get round the clock customer help. You can receive high-quality help or consult any time you want. Try it yourself and make sure that Couriers Please will become your beloved company.

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Couriers Please contact no 1300 36 1000
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Couriers Please status

No scan events found

- unfortunately, we have to inform you that database doesn’t have any information about your order. This could mean the following:
  • - the number you have entered is incorrect.
  • - this package has not been sent yet - call the sender and specify, if everything is ok with it.

Your item has been accepted in

- we are glad to inform you that the parcel has been passed to the carrier. You can consider this order officially opened from now on. You can start to track and trace its status and ask any questions, concerning the process and couriers work.

item been picked up

- according to the sender’s request, the courier accepted item for sending. The package is in the carrier’s reliable hands now. Thanks to the carefully organized process its delivery will take minimum time.

item is in transit from

- as known, regardless of the destination, any delivery proceeds in several steps. Periodical sorting is one of them. Its goal is to choose the most suitable route. That’s why your parcel stops at intermediate points with some frequency, where redistribution happens. This status means that the box was sorted at the pointed office and went to the next one, which is indicated while tracking.

item has been transferred to run (Linked to)

- this status indicates that your package is moving now to the city, mentioned above. It will arrive at the local Couriers Please depot soon.

item is loaded for delivery

- this means that your parcel arrived at destination town. The agent of the company, working there, put the box into the vehicle. This car will start to deliver packages to their recipients in the nearest time.

item has been delivered. Signed for by:

- means that the courier had done their work successfully. The addressee got their package safe and sound. Also, while tracking, you can see the sign of the person, who got the package. This proves that the box was transferred to the right hands.

Attempted to deliver item Note: Card Left

- nobody was at home when the carrier arrived. That’s why they were not able to finish delivery. They left the letter to receiver, which includes info about which steps you should follow to get the package.

Attempted to deliver item Note: Return to Sender - Wrong Address

in this case, your box was undeliverable. This can be caused by incorrect address, provided by the sender. You should contact the carrier and confirm the correct place, where the box should be delivered to.


Couriers please contact details

Regardless the quality of delivery, sometimes we can face the situation that we need a qualified piece of advice. The best solution is to contact the carrier - only they can give you the most up-to-date info according the whole delivery process. To get in touch with them - just follow the link

Couriers please redeliver service

In case you want to change the final delivery address for any reason, you should notify the carrier about this decision. Thanks to the wide Internet usage, you can do this from anywhere in the world. You just need to open the page and enter all the necessary info.

Couriers Please locations

If you want to get the parcel on your own, or just order a delivery, you should visit the carrier’s office. To find its exact location, you can use this link - You can find the suitable depot there.