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A couple of words about Star Track.

Congratulations, as you have entered one of the best tracking websites! This page gives you an opportunity to get the info about every package, sent using Star Track couriers service. This company is a part of a vast postal group - Australia post. This fact is the best prove of quality. Using this carrier’s services you can get a first-class delivery worldwide. No more worries about your box condition - you can always be sure that everything is fine. The carrier established high level of their service to satisfy even the most demanding consumer. The price level is also accessible for everyone, you can be sure that overpayments are excluded. In case you need some extra service (for example, an unusual temperature or increased security conditions for a package) - Star Track will organize any of them. Thanks to the tracking option you can always inquire about box status.

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Support phone 13 2345

Star Track status definition.


- a box was accepted at the office of the courier. This package was registered at the carrier’s database. Unluckily, no more info is available for it at the moment. You should wait till its status changes to get more on the whereabouts.

Scanned in Transit

- while being transferred, the parcel was carefully checked at the particular facility. All the needed information according the delivery conditions, route, etc. were updated.

item On Board for Delivery

- the package was submerged to the delivery vehicle. This indicates the final step in delivery - the box transportation from a depot to the addressee directly.


- the package has been delivered to the receiver.

Ready for pickup

- for some reasons the carrier wasn’t available to provide the box directly to recipient. Now you can go to the indicated depot and receive it there by yourself.

Unsuccessful Delivery

- this status means that your delivery is not finished yet. Most likely, the home was empty, and no one was available to get the package during the delivery time.


- the parcel stays at local facility. Usually, the addressee asks the courier to hold it at the depot for a while. In this case, you should go to the marked center to get the box or appoint a new delivery time.

Picked Up from Sender

- the parcel was transferred to the dispatch office. It is marked that now the carrier is responsible for this package.

Arrived at StarTrack Location for processing (or Received at StarTrack Location for processing)

- indicates that your item arrived at the facility, where the sorting will start. During this process, the box will be scanned and distributed to the next depot.

Freight Manifest Transmitted (or Transferred to)

- while the sorting was successfully finished, the courier identified all the points the parcel should pass throughout the delivery process. If you see this status, it means that your box is now moving to the indicated postal location.

Onboard with driver for delivery

- you can expect your box soon - the delivery guy put it in their car for now.

Delivered by (or Delivered and signed)

- success! The package is acquired. Here is written the specific department, issuing this order.

Receiver not available Attempted Delivery

- at the time the delivery boy arrived, not a person was at the pointed address. Try to contact Star Track and ask, where and when you can receive it.

Delivered and ready for collection at Post Office: (or Awaiting collection at Post Office)

- an auxiliary company received this item and is now holding it at the department till the moment the receiver takes it.

Star Track FAQ’s

Star Track contact number.

At times you cannot be sure that everything will be okay during the whole delivery process. Also, sometimes you can face the situation where you should specify some ins and outs relatively the subtleties of the carrier’s work. To solve all these questions, you should use a contact phone number 13 23 45.

Star Track missed delivery, what to do?

We cannot always stay at home for all the time in the saturated rhythm of a modern life. The situations are not unusual that delivery boy didn’t find anybody at home, when he arrived. In this case, he will leave a notice about his visit. But what should you do to get your long-awaited parcel? Everything is quite simple - just use this link and follow the instructions.